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April 22, 2008
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WEWY HERO: Reah and Lis by bourgogne WEWY HERO: Reah and Lis by bourgogne
aaah I feel so stupid. here I worked so hard to finish by midnight ... but I think the deadline was midnight PST!!! nooooo~~~~ T~T
I'll write a better description in a second.. I just want to get this in so maybe by some freak chance it.. gets in? T~T

ROFL now I feel even more stupid. you'de think living on this side of the states for almoast 4 years.. I'de get the time difference right when it really matters. doh~ well .. at least it was in on time xP

My first thought, was.. I mind as well make it part of my mimic series :3~~ so I made Luis and I in The World Ends With You style. I had wanted to do 'Hero' version and 'Villian' version of these two, but I barely got this done,, so hero it is! Though I think that they wouldn't be the main character heroes, more like ones that are there to interact with the main character (npc? )

Lis is a good guy, but very prideful and competitive. (doesn't like to loose ) and he isn't very tolerant of incompetence, but if you are willing to listen he'll help you do better xD.

Reah is always by his side, and is the one that cleans up after his brashness. She's kind and knowledgeable as well but not as outgoing as Lis.

~I'm not familure with the story behind tWEWY so I looked mostly at its style to get a feeling for it. What I mainly got was very urban and cityish. (from some of the designs I even got a Ai Yazawa feeling ) so I used the guideline of, if -I- were urban style how would I dress? :3 Lis was easy since Luis really was a skaterboy xD

Even if they aren't accepted in I hope you like them ^^ <3
and thankyou so much to ~paulobecker for the encouragement to do it ^^ <3
edit: forgot the version witht he BG! *o* (also made it a little smaller, the other was pretty big~~ )
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redwerecat Jul 10, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awkward, but...he's really pretty. Like...distractingly so.
I keep scrolling up to glance at him more.

She's also adorable.
Callisto-Hime Oct 19, 2008  Student Digital Artist
That's awesome; Reah is ESPECIALLY adorable!
Great designs!
thankyou~!! this clothing style was something different for me, so I'm really glad you like it! <3
They look awesome. ^^
balliehead Apr 30, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome style! Love the colouring. The outfits are so cool! Everything about it is so cool! >.<
thankyou ^^ I'm glad you think so <3
I kinda want that outfit now hehehe maybe I'll give it a shot~~
balliehead Jun 25, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes! I think you should try making that outfit. ^_^ That would be cool! Man, I wish I had a sewing machine. T_T
Hah you made it! :w00t: Love the outfits, as always :) And I have a pair of gloves just like the ones he's wearing! Bought them for driving last year, they look pretty cool when I wear them along with my leather jacket or overall XD But I digress. I really hope they choose your designs and make you rich and famous :D :hug:
thankyou for the support ^^ <3
I didn't make it but thats ok :3
it makes me happier that someone wanted to see me try ^^ :heart: :hug: :heart:
Loved the girl x333
the second one is a man? X3 looks like a girl >ω< /
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